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Name PVC /TIN Capsule
Material Tin
Decoration Top: hot stamping , embossing 
  Side:  up to 9 colors printing
Packaging  standard export paper carton
Feature Printing  glossy , hot stamping etc
Delivery time Within 2 weeks  4 weeks after receiving deposit money.
MOQ 100000 pieces
Sample Offer yes, while placing order, we will return to customer sample cost
Sample arrangement Once confirmed, the samples will be sent within 10 days.


Introduce:Tin caps on wine bottles,In order to protect the corks, the aging humidity of the wine is 65-80%. The corks are perishable in humid environment, which will affect the wine quality and prevent the damage of small insects. Wine manufacturers mark the tin caps.  , Prevent counterfeit and inferior wine;

Tin hats are made of pure tin ingots and generally originate in South America, mainly Peru and Bolivia.The tin is melted by heating the stove to 300℃.

Once the tin was liquid, it was spread thin on a metal mat and allowed to cool and solidify.

When tin cools, it becomes a hard solid again.In the second stage, tin is stretched under the constant pressure of a heavy roller.

As the sheet of tin becomes thinner and thinner, the texture changes from hard to soft, and it is now possible to make what we know as a tin hat.

The first step in turning a tin sheet into a tin hat is to cut it into a circle.

The round pieces are then beaten into a cylindrical shape by a hydraulic hammer on an assembly line.

During the process, all discarded tin sheets are 100% internally recyclable and returned to the starting point of the production line.

The final step is to decorate -- to print the brand on the tin hat.

This process is usually done using print or screen printing.

First, the tin hat was given a background color.

After that, the graphics or designs provided by the customer are printed on tin caps using screen technology.

The process uses a total of four colors to create either a matte finish or a glossy finish

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