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    Polymer stopper is a stopper made of polyethylene foam. According to the production process, it can be divided into many kinds: joint extrusion stopper, separate extrusion stopper, molded foam stopper, and so on.

    To taste a bottle of red wine, the natural thing to do is to uncork it.

    When it comes to corks, most people have an image of sealing and protecting wine.But there are many different kinds of wine, so to “protect” these different qualities of wine, also need different materials, different kinds of stoppers.

    After being made, some wines are aged in oak barrels for a period of time, and the rest of their lives are spent in the bottle until they are opened.How a wine is presented in terms of aroma and taste is largely related to the choice of cork. Today red wine network for you to introduce eight common red wine stopper - polymer bottle stopper.

    Polymer bottle stopper is a bottle stopper made of polyethylene foam.It currently accounts for 22% of the bottled wine market.The advantage of polymer stoppers is that they eliminate cork flavor and breakage problems, and their product consistency is quite high, which can ensure that the whole batch of wine is in a roughly the same aging stage.At the same time, the technology of producing polymer stoppers continues to develop.

    Through the control of oxygen permeability, the stoppers with different oxygen permeability rates can be produced to meet the needs of different wine varieties, so that winemakers can have the opportunity to understand and control the aging of bottles during storage.