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    PVC /TIN Capsule

    What does a wine capsule do?

    1. Protect the cork

    Although the new world has already started the screw plug trend, it has to be admitted that corks still make up a large proportion of wine bottle stoppers.

    Corked wine will inevitably produce a certain gap, over time, wine is easy to oxidize. With the protection of a wine cap, the cork does not have to come into direct contact with the air, which also protects the cork from cork contamination.

    2. Make the wine more beautiful

    In addition to protecting corks, most wine caps are made for the level of appearance. They don’t really serve a purpose, just to make the wine look better.

    A bottle of wine without a cap looks like it has no clothes on, and the bare cork sticking out is very strange. Even screw corked wines like to wear a part of the cap under the cork to make the wine look more beautiful.

    However, we do sometimes see wines without caps. These wines, either complex and structured, require oxygen to age slowly through the cork; Or do innovative new world wine in the bottle appearance, clear bottle, simple and fresh label, with a clean cork, also have a different flavor.