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Item Kraft paper box cheap and durable box different sizes different colors custom Logo hot sale paper box for fast food 
Color Kraft paper color Custom color
Size Kraft paper
Style Environmental protection
Usage China
Custom Order According to customer sample requirement
NOQ Request custom
Color Environmental protection paper box
Size Fast Food paper box,rice box
Style Disposable paper box
Usage Accept
Shape Standard size:1,000 customized size:10,000


The production process of paper box.

First: paper repair paper, this process includes repair paper and pressure line. Repairing paper is separate from pressing wire. Paper dividing machine is adopted.

Cut the cardboard to make the edge of the paper smooth and neat. The paper dividing knife must be sharp, there can be no notch. If the blade is not sharp, then the cardboard cut out has paper scraps, impurities, etc., which may lead to printed products do not meet the requirements. The line pressing is done by using the line cutting machine.

Second: cardboard printing. Ink printing has single printing. It is a simple printing by using chain type to send cardboard into printing directly. There are other types of printing, such as double printing. Due to the difference of raw materials, the absorption of paper is different. Some absorption

performance is low, the drying rate of ink is slower; Some absorption performance is low, the drying rate of ink is faster.

Third: grooving, using a grooving machine on the printed cardboard, the basic principle is the same as the line cutting machine.

Fourth: nail box or paste box in combination with the carton, is according to customer needs to nail box or paste box. If you need to nail box to use box machine, box paste the use of box paste machine.

Fifth: carton carton packaging, carton is glued, the conveyor frame distribution, packaging and bundling.

Sixth: inspection warehousing, the packed cartons sent to the warehouse.

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