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  • Pull ring crown cap for beer caps customized logo free samples

    Pull ring crown cap for beer caps customized logo free samples

    Although the beer bottle cap is only a very humble small lid, but it plays a very important role, with such functions as preservation, sealing, so, do you know how the beer bottle cap is produced? 




    The beer bottle cap is produced by the capping machine, which is composed of bottle turntable, capping head, capping slide, height adjustment device, hopper, blanking trough and so on.  Beer bottle cap production process: cap feeding – positioning – cap pressing – reset .

    The cap defines not only the diameter of the bottle neck, but also the shape of the edge of the cap and the material it is made of.  The cap is required to be well sealed, which means more pleats;  The cap also needs to be strong, which means there shouldn’t be too many pleats to ensure that each pleat has a larger surface area. However, the rusting problem in the production process of beer bottle cap is a big problem that troubles manufacturers. It can be done to prevent beer bottle cap rusting :

    1. Control the quality of bottle cap material plate
    2. In the beer production process to reduce the damage to the bottle cap rust layer.The punching cross section without anti-rust layer is caused by the limitations of the current inner cap processing technology, which is not a good solution for beer manufacturers.But according to customer requirements, in the plate after punching the cross section coated with rust layer, and then stamping forming 
    3. In production, if the length exceeds the specified value, it is necessary to check the inner surface of the steel bowl.  The surface of steel bowl can be used again after grinding. 

    Finally, we can collect the LIDS when we finish drinking the beer,

    then turn them into a handmade craft!


  • Aluminium-Plastic Pull Ring Bottle Cap for beer glass bottle

    Aluminium-Plastic Pull Ring Bottle Cap for beer glass bottle

    Aluminum beer lids are made of aluminumwith good hygiene performance, will not rust, not open convenient, do not need auxiliary tools.It can prevent theft very well,According to the different needs of customers, the top of the lid can be engraved with different patterns, words, patterns and so on.There are two types of pull-back covers. 

    The pull-back can be pulled up to suck out or pour out liquid. The other is the big mouth style, in which almost the entire lid is uncovered when the pull ring is pulled up, to facilitate the removal of the food inside.


    The tank body is formed directly by the drawing process, without leakage. The two cans do not need to be welded and sealed. The high-temperature sterilization resistance can ensure the product health, beautiful shape and good effect.

    We understand that the full tear beer pull ring lids is widely used, the process is more perfect, the structure is beautiful and generous.However, the fully torn beer pull lid will be thrown away after opening, which will lead to air pollution and may hurt others, which is the disadvantage of fully torn.Of course, the prices of different types of pull ring covers are also different. Different patterns involve different techniques.It’s up to you to design what you want.