PVC Capsule

  • PVC Capsules

    PVC Capsules

    Wine before opening the bottle, the first thing is to open the capsule, everyone is generally interested in wine wine and wine bottle, but they ignore the knowledge of wine glue cap, today I will introduce some of these ignored knowledge.

    What does a wine capsule do?

    1. Protect the cork

    Although the new world has already started the screw plug trend, it has to be admitted that corks still make up a large proportion of wine bottle stoppers.

    Corked wine will inevitably produce a certain gap, over time, wine is easy to oxidize. With the protection of a wine cap, the cork does not have to come into direct contact with the air, which also protects the cork from cork contamination.

  • PVC Capsule

    PVC Capsule

    Name PVC Capsule Material plastic Decoration Top: hot stamping , embossing Side:  up to 9 colors printing Packaging standard export paper carton Feature Printing  glossy , hot stamping etc Delivery time Within 2 weeks – 4 weeks after receiving deposit money. MOQ 100000 pieces Sample Offer yes, while placing order, we will return to customer sample cost Sample arrangement Once confirmed, the samples will be sent within 10 days.   Introduce:The PVC shrink film ...