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  • Post time: 09-15-2021

    Today, the Coca-Cola Company announced the launch of new packaged Coca-Cola products in the Chinese market. This is another packaging upgrade on a global scale since the launch of the Same Brand global marketing strategy in 2016.In fact, the makeover is the latest move in Coca-Cola’s quest...Read more »

  • Glass bottles still dominate the liquid flavoring market
    Post time: 07-31-2021

    According to the research and statistics of the world famous business information consulting organization, The global glass bottle market has been growing in recent years.The global glass bottle market grew from $33.1 billion in 2011 to $34.8 billion in 2012 and will grow to $36.8 billion this ye...Read more »

  • Five global FMCG brands launched paper and plastic packaging
    Post time: 07-22-2021

    A number of global FMCG brands announced the launch of a variety of products using pulp molded (plant fiber molded) packaging, to achieve sustainable packaging road. one. On June 8, Nestle released innovative packaging of two natural mineral water bottles for Vittel Developed by experts at Nestle...Read more »

  • Small packaging as a “new food fashion” to the packaging industry to bring new opportunities
    Post time: 07-16-2021

    Walk into any supermarket and you will see small bottles of drinks.The product is small enough to fit in a clothing pocket and can be consumed in one sitting.”It’s more convenient to drink in a smaller bottle than a traditional 500ml bottle.From snacks to drinks to cold drinks, there ...Read more »

  • Paper instead of plastic” to promote the development of food and medical packaging paper
    Post time: 07-08-2021

    The downstream products of pulp can be generally divided into four categories according to their use: cultural paper, packaging paper, daily paper and special paper. Different from the other three types of paper, special paper has a wide range of downstream applications. According to the data rel...Read more »

  • Domestic and foreign glass bottle consumption gap industry prospects
    Post time: 06-30-2021

    Glass bottle is a traditional beverage packaging container in China, and glass is also a kind of packaging material with a long history. In the case of many kinds of packaging materials flooding into the market, glass container still occupies an important position in beverage packaging, which is...Read more »

  • Post time: 05-19-2021

    For professionals engaged in printing for a long time, some printing errors are objective and impossible to avoid;For receiving printed matter, plays a decisive role in the acceptance of finished products 1. Text in typesetting: Typography is an important process before printing.To be precise, ty...Read more »

  • Post time: 05-12-2021

         There have been glass bottles in China since ancient times. In the past, scholars believed that glass ware was very rare in ancient times, recent studies suggest that the production and manufacture of ancient glass ware are not difficult, but it is not easy to preserve, so it is rare to see ...Read more »

  • Post time: 04-30-2021

    Many glass bottles supporting aluminum cap, aluminum plastic cap, plastic cap, PVC rubber cap.Different cover in the structure and material there are many different, from the material is usually aluminum, PP class and PE class. Mainly used in white wine, fruit wine, red wine.These covers are gene...Read more »