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Paper cup Eco-Friendly Paper Coffee Disposable Cups free samples factory prices different size custom colors custom custom logo of Single/Double Wallpaper cap for water 
Application Paper cup
Material paper
Type Environmental protection
Place of origin China
Color According to customer sample requirement
Size Request custom
Style Disposable paper cup
Usage Food,coffee,tea,water paper cup
Shape Cup
Custom Order Accept


From the base paper to the molding of the paper cup mainly through the following procedures:

1 PE film: is the base paper (white paper) with a film machine film on the PE film. One side of the paper is called single-sided PE coated paper: both sides are called double-sided PE coated paper.

2. Slitting: use the slitting machine to cut the coated paper into rectangular paper (for the wall of the paper cup) and web paper (for the bottom of the paper cup).

3. Printing: Use offset press or gravure press to print various patterns on rectangular paper

4. Die-cutting: use flat indentation and tangent machine (commonly known as die-cutting machine) to cut the printed graphics into paper cups with fan slices.

5. Molding: The paper cup molding machine or the paper bowl molding machine automatically molds all kinds of paper cups you need. The operator only needs to put the fan-shaped paper cup piece and the cup bottom roll paper on the feeding port. Automatic molding, out of the cup. Individuals can do it easily

6. Packing: Put the finished paper cup in a sealed plastic bag, and then pack it into the carton

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