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Item Kraft paper bag waterproof free samples of different sizes different colors  paper bags
Application Paper bag
Material Kraft paper
Type Environmental protection
Place of origin China
Color According to customer sample requirement
Size Request custom
Style Environmental protection paper bag
Usage Food paper bags,clothes bag
Shape Bags
Custom Order Accept
NOQ Standard size:1,000 customized size:10,000

How to make kraft paper greaseproof paper bag

Currently widely used in food packaging industry oil paper bags  also called film paper bag. Because of the different materials used, it can be subdivided into kraft paper bag and white paper bag. That is, kraft paper oil bag and white paper oil bag. Because of its environmentally friendly qualities a brown paper bag favored by all especially in almost all European countries in the use of a brown paper bag so practice there are several kinds of a brown paper bag.

1, small white kraft paper bags this bag is big usually use a wide range due to some of the many businesses require this kind of cheap and durable a brown paper bag usually this kind of practice is a brown paper bag machine molding machine rope completely carried out by machines.
The practice of The practice of

2, medium brown paper bag a medium brown paper bag are normally after molding, laminating machine after people manually paste the rope and made into a brown paper bag due to the current domestic molding equipment restricted by forming size a brown paper bag and kraft bag rope machine can stick a small bag of rope so approach is limited by a machine a brown paper bag. Many bags cannot be made by the machine alone.

3, large bag has anti a brown paper bag of the head of the thicker cow leather bag these practices to pure handmade a brown paper bag at present domestic haven't can solve these molding machine a brown paper bag only handmade this kind of kraft paper bag production cost higher number.

4, what kind of kraft paper bags pipe is above if the quantity is enough big generally adopts pure handmade because machines make big loss a brown paper bag have no way to solve the small amount of brown paper bag.

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