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Name Wine Glass Bottle
Capacity 250ml, 375ml,500ml,750 ml 
Sealing type screw cap/ pvc cork
Packaging wooden pallet, one 40HQ : 21 pallets. one pallet: 1575 pieces. or paper carton
MOQ 10000 pieces
Sample Offer yes
Sample Arrangement Once confirmed, the samples will be sent within 7 days. 


the joker capacity is 750 ml, wine red.

It has a nice, clean exterior with flint glass and a punk bottom

we capsule with elegant design, there is no visible thread, and form a tamper-proof seal

cap by sliding on the bottle and the distortion can be quickly paste - cap to keep air tightness, can reapply and repeated use without losing effectiveness

the sale of our products will be in good condition and no defects -

You’re unknowingly eating plastic everyday. Here’s what it does to your body

Maintains stability in temperature of water

Whether it is cold or hot, glass bottles are capable of holding on to their temperature on relative levels and in doing so, also ensure that there is zero absorption of flavours or colours from the said container.

Quick clean and hygienic

Glass water bottles are easy in their maintenance and don’t lose their clarity when washed or infused with other liquids. This is not the case with PET bottles.
Zero contaminations

You must have experienced a smell or taste when drinking water from a PET bottle, because when exposed to heat and humidity, they are likely to release harmful toxins like BPA which can lead to harmful diseases. Glass bottles neither emit foul or weird taste or smell nor there is any scope for residues when water is consumed in glass bottles.

our company is professional supplier for different type plastic bag. our company is approved by SGS company. we assure the goods quality .

i will give you our reasonable quotation according to your detail requirement and order quantity.If anyone wants to buy it, please consult me and I will get back to you as soon as we go online. We have our own factory and I will make sure we can give you a competitive price
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