You’re unknowingly eating plastic everyday. Here’s what it does to your body

In our fight against the use of plastics, many of us have switched to glass bottles. But are glass bottles or containers safe to use? At times, some of the glass bottles could also end up being more harmful than the PET or plastic itself, warns Ganesh Iyer, Indias first certified water sommelier and Head of operations, India and Indian Subcontinent, VEEN.


Since there are different grades of glass bottles available, not all of them are fit for storing edible beverages, including mineral water. For instance, if you have glass bottles which are wrapped with shatter-resistant coating and if theres a breakage, the tiny shards which are invisible to human eye remain in the bottle. Also, certain glass bottles contain harmful level of toxins like lead, cadmium and chromium but since they are camouflaged in attractive looking shapes and colours, the consumer is caught unaware,he added.


So what can one use? According to Iyer, it is safe to use water glass bottles which are pharmaceutical grade or Flint Glass Type – III.
However, when compared glass water bottles are any day safer than PET or plastic bottles for the following reasons:
Ensures stability of the minerals
Glass bottles not just preserve the minerals but also ensure that the water remains fresh, and therefore better for your health and environment.


Friend of the environment
Glass bottles, given their structure, can be recycled. Majority of plastic bottles end up being either dumped in oceans or landfills and it takes close to 450 plus years to decompose. An interesting fact: Out of the 30 odd types of plastic, there are only seven types which can be recycled!


Post time: Jan-20-2021