The story of ice wine

  Ice and grapes are selected at the right time and place at the same time, creating a new taste of wine that strikes everyone’s taste buds. The cold frost from the northern country surrounds the sweet and rich aroma of grapes when they are ripe, making ice wine (Ice wine), so it is popular all over the world. , the luxurious wine shimmers in golden color, reflecting a charming delicate gesture between the flow of light and shadow.

  At present, the countries that produce authentic ice wine in the world are Canada, Germany and Austria. “Ice wine” has become a delicate delicacy in the wine market.

  Ice wine originated in Germany, and many wineries in the local and neighboring Austria have a story that the appearance of ice wine and noble rot wine has the same effect, and they are both natural masterpieces that are unintentional. It is said that in a late autumn more than 200 years ago, a German winery owner went out for a long trip, so he missed the harvest of his vineyard and failed to return home in time.

  A bunch of late-ripening Riesling (Riesling) ripe, fragrant and sweet grapes were attacked by sudden frost and snow before they were picked, causing the unpicked grapes to freeze into small ice balls . The owner of the manor was reluctant to throw away the grapes in the garden. In order to save the harvest, he picked the frozen grapes and tried to squeeze the juice to make wine.

  However, these grapes were pressed and brewed in a frozen state, and it was unexpectedly found that the sugar essence of the grapes was concentrated due to the freezing. Incense and its unique flavor, this unexpected gain is a pleasant surprise.

  The brewing method of ice wine was invented and introduced to Austria, which borders Germany and has similar climatic conditions. Both Germany and Austria call ice wine “Eiswein”. The brewing process of ice wine has been passed down for more than two centuries. Canada also introduced the technology of making ice wine and carried it forward.


Post time: Jul-07-2022