The development of glass bottle in packaging industry

When we were young, most of the juice, beer, and liquor we drank were packaged in glass bottles.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the packaging industry, glass products gradually fade out of our life, a little by other packaging materials to replace.

Glass packaging has been unprecedented impact, for its development has brought great influence.

glass bottle

In recent years, as life quality rise ceaselessly, the consumer of all kinds of food and beverage quality and packing grade more and more strict, the original glass packaging gradually diversified, some of the items packed in glass containers are gradually changed to PET plastic and metal containers packaging, appear this kind of circumstance of the high cost of reason is a glass bottle, have in many countries,

The use of glass containers in public places, such as outdoors, concerts and competitions, has greatly affected the use of glass bottles.


PET plastic bottle is transparent, high barrier, plastic, resealable, these properties make it in the soft drink market is growing, in fruit juice, fruit juice drinks and other markets, market share is gradually increasing, market share is fast.

But PET manufacturers need to make improvements in oxygen resistance and heat resistance to make it more competitive.

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Considering the metal cans packing is easy to carry, well made, elegant temperament, high recycling efficiency, metal cans in some consumer areas have also been supported by manufacturers and consumers.

The market share is also increasing.

However, glass bottle factory has always been the first choice of wine packaging, which also makes people form inherent consumption habits, this consumption habits are imperceptible, short-term will not change.

The glass bottle has various colors, and the transparent characteristics of the glass bottle, plus the different colors, from light to dark color can be selected.

This transparency allows for the need for light during the aging process, allowing the winery to select different coloured bottles depending on the variety of wine.

Transparent bottles with spray sand and other effects, appear to have more texture, which is also the winery’s pursuit.

Therefore, if the glass bottle factory increases the technical improvement in the production input, the glass bottle will still be in the leading position in the packaging field.

Although glass products are being replaced by other packaging, but glass bottles are still an indispensable packaging products in our life.

Only by constantly developing better glass packaging, can we make the glass packaging develop and better for our life

Post time: Jun-11-2021