How to realize zero discharge of paper wastewater

Voitha Aqua line’s new Aqua lineZero product can reduce the consumption of water per ton of paper to 1.5 cubic meters, achieving zero waste water discharge
Reducing water consumption and adhering to sustainable development is one of the main challenges in the operation process of paper enterprises.The new Aqualine Flex and Aqua lineZero solutions in Voith’s Aqua line water management range not only significantly reduce the water consumption in the paper process, but also achieve a fully closed water loop.Aqua line Zero, an      innovative solution developed by Voith in collaboration with Progroup, a German paper company, has successfully conducted its first trial run.
Using this system to produce a ton of paper only needs 1.5 cubic meters of water, and at the same time, reduce carbon emissions by about 10%.
Eckhard Gutsmuths,Voith product manager Progroup wants to reduce resource consumption as much as possible without compromising production quality.The company can produce 750,000 tons of cardboard and corrugated paper per year.About 8,500 tons of clean water per day can be saved through the integrated closed-loop water treatment unit of Aqua line Zero.
Aqua Line
Aqua line wastewater treatment technology can simultaneously conduct anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment of paper making process water, realizing the sustainability of water management.Using this technology, only 5.5 to 7 cubic meters of water is needed to produce one ton of wrapping paper, and only 4 to 5.5 cubic meters of purification water is discharged for each ton of paper produced.
Aqua Line Flex
Aqua line Flex takes the water management system one step further.Through the integration of additional filtration system in the water loop of the paper machine, the process water can be reused after purification, thus reducing the consumption of clean water.Through biological treatment and filtration systems, the consumption of clean water is reduced to less than 5.5 cubic meters per ton of paper, while the discharge of wastewater is less than 4 cubic meters per ton of paper.
Aqua line Zero closed loop water loop
The Aqua line Zero biological treatment unit uses an entirely anaerobic process (known as a “biological kidney”) to achieve a completely closed loop of the water loop.All purified water is returned to the pulping process, reducing waste water discharge to zero.In addition, the filtered purified water can be used instead of water, thus greatly reducing water consumption.The large amount of biogas produced by the total anaerobic biological treatment process can be used as a primary energy source to help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.
With AqualineZero, all purified water is returned to the pulping process, reducing wastewater discharge to zero
Reduce the chemical oxygen demand in the papermaking processWhen treating process water, the most critical requirement is to reduce chemical oxygen demand (COD), which is the amount of all oxides in the water under certain conditions.The COD in process water mainly comes from silt, starch and additives.CO in water can be reduced by anaerobic and aerobic treatment


Post time: Jun-05-2021