How is the price of glass bottles calculated?

What factors directly affect the price of glass bottles?
What harms the price of glass bottles?
The price of glass bottles is not the same, because it is divided into different specifications and models, even the same goods are different, so the price of glass bottles is different.
So, what is actually making the decision?
Below the Guangzhou glass manufacturers to explain!


1, materials, specifications and models are different, the price is different
For example, wine bottles are divided into high white, crystal white, white and white white bottles and colorful bottles, which wine uses which bottles, such as pure grain wine with all transparent glass bottles, Maotai many with milky wine bottles, red wine and wine are used with colored glass bottles.
In the use of according to the actual application requirements and provisions to carry out the use, in accordance with the specific application norms and methods to carry out clear, can adequately present certain characteristics and advantages.


2, the type of bottle stopper is not the same, the price is not the same
Many people would say that a small bottle cork is so harmful?
There is no doubt about the answer.
The bottle stopper has the function of sealing. The type of bottle stopper is plastic bottle cap, laminated glass cap, aluminum cap and aluminum plastic fusion cap.
According to the structure of the plastic cap is divided into three groups of cover, five groups and seven groups, according to the processing technology of casting color, spraying, electroplating process, UV, water plating, etc.;
Aluminum cover is divided into aluminum cover and 3 oxide 2 aluminum cover, laminated glass cover is divided into solid core laminated glass cover and hollow laminated glass cover.
The price of different cork material and production is not the same, airtight sex is not the same, the cost is different, the finished product will be different naturally.
Wine bottle maker


3, glass bottle quality is not the same, the price is not the same
As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”, which includes the material, thickness, refractive index, thermal stress, durability and other indicators of laminated glass.
Quality carefulness, durability, specifications are not the same, the quality of the production of glass bottles will be different.
The total number of purchases is not the same, the price is not the same
It is self-evident, buy many, dozens, countless prices are not the same, the lower the more expensive, equal to wholesale and retail.
For the purchase of a large number of companies, there are generally additional preferential rebates, has maintained long-term cooperation.
5. Different manufacturers have different prices
The machine equipment, production process and design method used by different glass bottle manufacturers are not the same, and the price of the goods is not the same.
To be able to buy more in the case of more, according to their own requirements to choose the right manufacturer.
Above is the danger of glass bottle price high and low several levels of elements, good glass bottle manufacturers are actually uphold the standard of “cheap and high quality”, the company wants to long-term development trend, can not look at the current small profit, the commodity is important to do well.

Post time: Jun-10-2021